DIY Wavebox

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Wavebox is a simple closet box with electronic Stream inside. It is open from top for air and all water is going in to or out from wavebox through Stream opening. Stream is working in start/stop operation at constant frequency adjusted to match specific frequency of aquarium water moving. Water level in box is up. Water level in box is down. This is DIY Wavebox controller. It controls electronic Stream inside the box and two other Stream in aquarium. All pumps are working at same frequency, but only one in box on start/stop operation, other are on about 20-100% pulsing mode.\nPump without box does not generate wave in aquarium, even if it is working on start/stop operation and frequency is right. Electronics in controller is very simple - oscillator with adjustable frequency. Oscillator is on 555-timer. Transistor is used to convert signal negatively for Stream on other end of aquarium, that box and other Stream. One trimmer is for rough frequency adjustment, potentiometer is for fine adjustment. Other two trimmers are for adjust minimum power for Streams without box. Here is both sides of circuit board, downside is "in mirror", so you can directly see how parts are connected.
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